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In Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Dr. Allen offers an integrative approach to health and fitness. By combining the best of Western traditional medicine, preventative medicine, oriental medicine, and the mind and body connection, the totality of the patient is evaluated and treated.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Allen has developed an approach that looks to the causes of chronic disease. By treating nutritional deficiencies, balancing hormones, detoxifying the body, treating chronic candida and bacterial infections, and balancing the energy systems of the body, the root cause of illness can be addressed and effectively treated.

Inovative Treatments

A Spotlight on a Few of the Cutting Edge Procedures Dr. Allen Offers


Simply put, a bio identical hormone is a hormone that is exactly the same as what nature put in your body to begin with. It took millions of years for nature to select the perfect hormones for the human body. Why not use these same hormones when we replace them in men and women today?


Whether you are interested in optimal mental and physical health, treating depression and anxiety, trying to lose weight, or healing a chronic illness, it is critical to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain. A healthy brain allows all of the other organs and body systems to function more normally, and an imbalanced brain can be an obstacle to healing. Dr. Allen uses natural amino acids, without the side effects of medication to help the body produce the proper balance of these important substances.

The Latest

Start the New Year Off with a more Youthfull You!
Dr. Allen also offers cosmetic procedures within his practice. Botox and Radiesse are two procedures that can make a remarkable improvement to fine lines and wrinkles. Radiesse is a FDA approved dermal filler that can actually stimulate your body to produce more collagen, while naturally restoring a full, youthful look. Results are long lasting and very natural. If you think you might be a good candidate for either Botox or Radiesse treatments, call Dr. Allen today and ask for more information.

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In Suzanne Somer’s Bestseller
Dr. Allen’s highly advanced work with hormone replacement therapies and longevity medicine have propelled him to the top of the medical industry. In his forward for “Slim and Sexy Forever!” he provides a unique insight to those of us reaching menopause and beyond while still feeling healthy and fabulous.

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